Best Campervan Accessories For Van Life

Whether you’re looking for van life necessities or a few luxury items, van camping accessories will be useful for your next trip.

Solar Panel and Battery

Two of the most used accessories for campervan life are a battery and a solar panel that works well together, allowing you to charge your devices anytime, anywhere. 

Blinds for Windows

Window blinds are one of the campervan interior accessories you don’t want to miss. You’ll appreciate the privacy, shade, and even the safer feeling at night with the windows covered.

Refrigerated Camping Cooler

One of the top accessories for campervans is a refrigerated camping cooler. It works as a refrigerator while being portable and easy to fit under a bed or in a storage area.

Van Toilet

As much as you may plan to enjoy the great outdoors (and if you do have those kinds, there may be a time such as the middle of the night when you’d appreciate a portable toilet.

Berkey Water Filter

This is the #1 campervan kitchen accessory. You need to have access to potable water, and a Travel Berkey is perfect for van life.

Pop Up Shower Tent

A portable shower tent can make things a lot easier if you’d like to shower outdoors and you’re not sure if you are actually alone in nature.

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