Honest Answers About Living In An RV Full Time

We take on the biggest questions that get asked about full time RV living, and give you our honest answers. Hopefully, this helps you launch into full time RV living with more confidence!

How do you handle living in such a small space?

Our goal is to spend as little time INSIDE our RV each day. We try our hardest to get everyone outside and in the sunshine if there is any sun that day.

Can I just use WiFi at campgrounds to work online?

No, you need more functional internet. We use 3 cellphone providers with hotspots to connect to the internet. 

How much does it cost to live in an RV full time?

It can cost $600 – $6,000 per month depending on your family size, if you own your RV and an extra vehicle or if you’re making payments on them, and where you decide to camp.

What do you do to make money on the road?

There are so many ways to make money while living in an RV. Our blog provides us with some income, while my husband works remotely for a company. You can be a digital nomad and enjoy life on the road. 

How do you manage to keep enough food in your RV?

Meal planning has also been really helpful when trying to determine which ingredients we need. Oh, and we are always working on not wasting any food.


As a traveling family we work hard to meet up with other families on the road so that our kids can have time to play with other kids who live in RVs or travel full-time.

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