Here are thoughtful gift ideas for hikers that make their hikes more comfortable, safe and memorable!

hiking socks

One of the best hiking outfit essentials are hiking socks. These socks must be comfortable, provide good support, and keep blisters at bay. We always recommened Merino wool socks like these!

portable water filter

This makes a fun yet simple gift for hikers, as it helps lessen bottled water usage and expenses, make the hiker's bag lighter and makes water safe to drink. 

insulated water bottle

Water is a basic need in hiking, and you need to store water in an insulated,  environment-friendly, durable and BPA-free container. 

first aid kit

Address little accidents outdoors by keeping a first aid kit handy. A basic kit would need scrape and splinter bandages, muscle reliever, gloves, safety pins, and scissors.

fanny pack

Instead of a huge hiking bag, you could get a fanny pack for hikers. A fanny pack is much smaller and easy to wear, making it ideal for shorter day hikes. 

hiking poles

Hiking poles can make hikes much more stable and comfortable. They make brilliant gift ideas for hikers who love taking on national park trails.

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