There’s a lot that goes into preparing for full time camper living

and figuring out where to begin and what steps to take can feel super overwhelming.

Hit the road with confidence with these awesome tips!

Write down all of your expenses, including things like the RV payment and other miscellaneous.


Choose the  Right RV

Choosing an RV will include many factors that you need to consider, make sure to get what's ideal for you!

Shop for RV Insurance

Insurance is a must-have, and you will want to buy RV insurance as soon as your home-on-wheels is in your possession.

Purge Everything

It is important that you purge your belongings as much as you can before you even attempt to move in.

Stock up for Full Time RV Life

Once you’ve moved all of your stuff over to your new home, you’ll need to fill in the blanks with important RV-specific gear.

Establish a Mailing Address and Domicile

If you’re planning on keeping a house you own as a home base, you might be able to continue to receive mail there.

Find an Internet Solution

Staying connected while full time RV life is something you will want to consider.

Think About Schooling

Planning to take kids on your RV adventures? You will almost certainly need to homeschool them.

Find Remote Work

Make money on the road as digital nomad or entrepreneur. 


How to Drive an RV

  25 Easy RV Meals