It’s easy to forget camping essentials when camping near your home, let alone on a faraway camping trip!

Begin By Camping Nearby

That way if it rains or you want to end your trip a day earlier than expected, it won’t take long to get home.

camp at a campground

This can help you feel more confident about where you are setting up a tent and you’ll have other campers around if you need to ask a question or two.

camp at a campground

They can help you carry equipment, pitch the tent, set up the fire pit, – not to mention it would be lonely camping by yourself!

Consider Borrowing Camping Gear Your First Time

Borrow camping gear from a friend to avoid the hassle of purchasing all your supplies if it's your first time camping. 

Pack lots of Snacks

Bring snacks and easy-to-make foods so you don’t have to bother with cooking much during your camping trip.

Find Level Ground

Pitch your tent on flat ground so you don’t get stuck camping in mud and water.

Bring Extra Sleeping Bags or Blankets

Make sure to bring high-quality sleeping bags and consider warm clothes to sleep in if it’s cold outside so you can sleep comfortably at night.

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