Boondocking, dry camping, wild camping, moochdocking. It can be called many things, and it's one of the best things to add to your 2024 bucket list. Here's a quick guide for boondocking for beginners.

have a small solar panel

Having a small solar panel that connects to your RV’s battery can often give off enough amps to charge your laptops and work the lights in your RV, as long as there’s sunshine.

and a generator

Using a generator is pretty common among most boondocking RVers. There’s bound to be a cloudy day even for big solar fans, having a generator is the next best thing to take boondocking. 

drinking water

Plan for about 1 gallon per person per day for drinking water. We fill our fresh tank and then run the kitchen faucet into our Berkey for our drinking water supply, which is an amazing water purifier.


Boil a pot of water and bring it with you into the shower. Then stand there with a washcloth and soap and do a quick ‘bath’ from the pot of water. That way you’re only using half a gallon of water per person.


Gray Water While Boondocking

If you can hold off on taking regular showers in your RV, and lesson the amount of dishes you do, your grey water tank will not fill as quickly as you think.


Garbage While Boondocking

If you have time in the grocery store parking lot take all your food boxes you can and add them to the garbage or recycling at the grocery store.



When we’re picking out a boondocking spot, we always do speed tests before we actually park the RV. is a great website to use on your cell phone to do a quick speed test.