Determine the type of camper you need

Determine the type of RV camping trip you want to do and keep that in mind when buying an RV for the first time.

Designate sleeping spaces

Determine the best sleeping arrangement for everyone. 

Figure out your  RV budget

Your RV budget really depends on your goals, budget, and what type of travel life you want to live. 

Practice before your first RV trip

Determine if you need a spotter or partner, or if you are more comfortable backing up the rig by yourself.

Every Walmart has an RV aisle

You don’t have to go to Camping World for everything you need in your RV. If you need something quickly, stop at a Walmart.

Only bring dishes that have multiple uses

Also, limit how many plates and cups you have, as you can always wash the dishes after every meal.

Think ahead on where to stop for fuel

We use Google Maps satellite view to see what to expect at gas stations before we pull in to easily strategize how to get back on the highway. 

Make reservations ahead of time

If you plan to stay at RV parks, then plan ahead and book far out. Also, have 2 or 3 dry camping spots picked out as back-ups.

Find friends on the road

Make new awesome memories with new people! 

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