a new pair of skis

These Atomic Bent Chetler 120 Ski from Backcountry are the perfect all-mountain skies for any skier. They are lightweight and responsive but still have enough power to take on any terrain.

reusable hand warmers

Aurora Heat reusable hand warmers help increase the warmth of your gloves, mitts and pockets.

ski goggles

Ski goggles are a must-have item for any skier. Look for goggles with anti-fog/anti-scratch lenses, UV protection, and adjustable straps.

ski helmet

Consider gifting your loved one a high-quality ski helmet to ensure he stays safe on the slopes. Look for a helmet with plenty of ventilation and an adjustable fit.

ski poles

Ski poles are not only functional, but they can be a pretty inexpensive set of ski gear to gift someone.

base layers

A base layer like this is made with soft, lightweight fabric that wicks away sweat and features 4-way stretch construction for a better range of motion.

wool ski socks

To keep their feet warm, merino wool ski socks like these from Backcountry are a must. These socks provide warmth, are durable and stink-free.

fanny pack

A fanny pack is the best gift for skiers where they can put their phone, wallet, and car keys. It’s also great for anyone who needs to have medication on them or a small snack.

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