Best Hikes In Zion National Park

Hiking in Zion National Park can be an amazing experience. Not only is it a way to mark something big off some people’s bucket lists, but it’s a great way to feel pretty small in this amazing world around us.

Watchman Trail Zion

The Watchman Trail is one of two that begin right from the Zion Visitor Center. No need to take the Zion Shuttle for this one.

Angel’s Landing Hike

Angel’s Landing is one of the most popular hiking trails in Zion National Park. It not only takes you up over 1,400 feet in elevation, but the portion at the top of Angels Landing requires you to hold on to chains with steep drop-offs on either side.

Lower Emerald Pool Trail

The Lower Emerald Pool hike at Zion is a packed trail that leads to a beautiful pool along with a misty waterfall. It is an enough hike to bring kids and grandparents. 

Upper Emerald Pool Trail

The Upper Emerald Pool trail continues on after the Lower Emerald pool, and brings you to middle and upper Emerald pools.

Pa’rus Trail Hike

The Pa’rus trail is a fully paved hiking and biking trail the heads North from the Visitor Center. This is the only trail in the park that allows dogs, so it can be great for many families.

Riverside Walk

This is a fully paved trail that follows the Virgin River at the ‘end’ of the Zion Canyon before you arrive at the Narrows.

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