The Ultimate Day Hike Packing List

Going on a short day hike and wondering what hiking essentials to bring? Check out our ultimate day hike packing list now!


One of the first things to add to your hiking trip packing list is a good-sized and quality backpack. We highly recommend the Osprey Daylite Plus pack.

Water bottle or bladder

Water is one of the most important things needed for hiking. Walking and hiking can easily dehydrate you, especially if you’re in a dry climate or sweating a lot.


Add sunglasses or a sun visor to your day hiking gear checklist. Simple, yet so helpful when you’re squinting into the sun on the trail.

hiking boots

Good hiking shoes are some hiking trip essentials, you seriously can’t go without them.

hiking pants

Avoid random cuts and insect bites by wearing a pair of high-quality hiking pants. 

Long sleeve tops

Long sleeves can generally protect you better from the UV rays of the sun, often keep you a bit cooler, and protect you from harsh weather while hiking.

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