Ride the Cowboy Coaster at Snow King

Riding the Cowboy Coaster at Snow King will be the highlight of your kids' summer in Jackson Hole!

Go On Stagecoach Rides or Sleigh Rides

If you’re visiting Jackson Hole during the summer months, then be sure to go on a Stagecoach Ride around Town Square to get a better view of downtown Jackson.

Visit Grand Teton National Park

You can’t visit Jackson, Wyoming without taking at least one afternoon to venture into Grand Teton National Park.

Celebrate the Old West Days

This Jackson Hole Summer event features a themed parade, Jackson Hole shootout, the Mountain Man Rendezvous, and the Old West Brew Fest.

Go Skiing at Jackson Hole

In winter, Jackson Hole is famous as an excellent skiing area with Jackson Hole Ski Resort and Snow King Resort.

Go Rock Climbing

The kids' playground in Jackson Hole has an excellent rock climbing facility where adults and kids can practice their rock climbing skills.

Go Shopping

The Jackson shops are fun to walk around and browse through both during the winter and summer.

Eat Breakfast at The Bunnery

It’s a great place to eat breakfast that both adults and kids will appreciate.

Eat lunch and grab a malt at Jackson Drug

It’s famous to both tourists and locals, and you’ll know why once you get a taste of their ice cream and malts.

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