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Freedom on the Open Road: A Step-by-Step Guide to
Full-Time RV Living

A 91-page eBook

Freedom On The Open Road: A Step By Step Guide to Full-Time RV Living is not just about RVing...

It’s a resource on HOW to launch into full-time RV living easily and without all the stress.

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Have you made up your mind to hit the open road in an RV full-time?

Launching into full-time RV living can feel overwhelming, and even a bit scary for some people. You might have a million questions running through your mind, like:

  • What should I consider before taking the leap?
  • How do I plan for the journey?
  • What type of RV will be best for me?

That’s why I’ve created this eBook to help you plan your journey and take the first steps towards a life of freedom on the open road!

Jill Greising-Murschel

Hi there, I’m Jill, a mother to four kids and a wife who launched into RV Living in just under 3 months after making the big decision! My family and I jumped into full-time RVing in 2017, and we traveled to over 43 states!

We’ve seen beautiful sights, made amazing memories, and gained invaluable insights about living the RV life. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned so that you can make the most of your journey.

How we became a full time RV family

What’s Included in this eBook?

  • 91 detailed pages to help you plan, prepare and live the RV lifestyle
  • Tips for launching into full-time RV living
  • How to start on the right foot and plan your journey
  • Adequate information on selecting an RV type
  • Budgeting tips and details for RV living
  • Handy tips for managing your daily expenses on the road
  • Ways to stay connected online while traveling
  • Full-time RV insurance and maintenance advice
  • RV destination recommendations
  • Helpful RV apps
  • Organizing your RV
  • Plus, much more!

Here’s a Preview of the eBook:
Freedom on the Open Road: Step-by-Step Guide to Full-Time RV Living

And 80+ more pages of tips and tricks to simplify your journey.

Full Time RV Living Family

Why Do I Need This Step-by-Step Guide to Full-Time RV Living Guide?

The number one problem that full-time RVers face is a lack of preparation and knowledge. I want to help you avoid the mistakes that so many people make when they hit the road!

This eBook will guide you on your way. It will give you an understanding of what it takes to transition into a life of full-time RV living.

With this eBook, you’ll be able to hit the road with confidence and peace of mind. You’ll gain an understanding of what it takes to live in an RV and how to make the most of your journey. It also includes the useful information you need to know about budgeting, RV maintenance and insurance, helpful RV apps, and more.

You’ll be an expert in no time!

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