RV Organization Must Haves

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These RV organization must haves are those you see in the ebook ‘Organize Your RV Like A Pro‘ . You’ll find find unique ideas and hacks on how to keep your RV organized quickly and without frustration.



If you have small kids, you can use the foot of their bed to hold a toy bin or a backpack full of toys and activities to keep them all organized.

You can also buy some drawer dividers or drawer containers to keep things organized.

Just make sure that you buy light-weight storage containers or drawers to help keep you within your RV’s weight capacity.

The command hooks worked well for holding up our folding step stool and purses too.

Consider buying packing cubes that are helpful for packing suitcases for flying, but can also be helpful for storing clothing in RV bedroom drawers. Compression packing cubes are fantastic for saving on space.

A small portable bed for a baby like a pack ‘n play can also be helpful if you have a little one in your family. 

Bedroom Closet

Cloth bins and additional plastic drawers can be helpful and can maximize closet space.

Hanging closet organizers are perfect to replace a dresser.

Another idea is to hang a bedroom shelf with command hooks.

Storage under the bed

Did you know that you can even store a Dometic Fridge under your bed so that you have more kitchen space in a van?


A lot of RVers keep a shoe organizer on their RV bathroom door.

Here’s another shoe organizer that may work for you.

Purchase travel toiletries bags like these.

Towel storage can be something like this wine rack that  works as a towel rack, too. 

Use the stainless steel rack pictured below and install it above your shower.

Or use command hooks or heavy duty plastic hooks

RV shower caddy organizers are easy to find and can keep all of your shampoo and conditioner bottles up off the floor.

You can also buy travel shower bags to avoid using more floor space.

You can also use a wine rack or shelves to hold rolled up towels.

Jewelry Holder

Use a see-through jewelry hanger in your closet to store all of your jewelry. 

IKEA rubber hooks in the shape of animal tails is another fun way to hang your necklaces. 


These IKEA Fintorp bars, hooks, and baskets or these baskets are popular and so helpful for RV owners.

Spice racks from IKEA are lightweight and easy to hang with command hooks. Spice racks are awesome organization items for your RV.

Hang produce baskets on your kitchen cupboards or walls to save on space. Clear food containers with lids can be used to store your beans, flour, nuts, and other dry foods.

Store your paper towel roll using a magnet paper towel holder.Kitchen cupboard wire shelves can be useful too.

Use a stovetop cover that works as a cutting board to give you more counter space in your RV kitchen. 

This cup rack might work great in your RV kitchen to hang cups to get them out of your precious cupboard space.

Use a mug rack to hang your coffee mugs or tea cups under your cupboard.

Use a label maker to label your food containers, craft supplies, and any other bins that you keep in your RV. 


Suction cup hooks can sometimes connect to the outside of your RV to hand a shoe organizer.

IKEA KLIPSK bed table can be used as a shelf upside down on a bunk bed.

More RV Organization Ideas

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