5 Tips On How To Rent An RV For A Week

Have you ever thought to rent an RV for a week?

Are you looking for a way to take a vacation this summer and get outdoors more? Do you want a way to still travel but to have your beds, kitchen, and bathroom with you? 

Then you might consider renting an RV with a reputable company like Outdoorsy. 


Why Travel By RV?

You can save money!

First, you can save a lot of money by taking a road trip rather than flying and staying in hotels.

With six people in our family, many people ask us how we can travel so much.

After we sold it all and went on to live as a family of digital nomads back in 2017, we realized that our travels were not that expensive. The main reason?

We often travel by RV.

Not only is it fun, RVing can also be a more affordable way to travel with a family. Or, if you’re looking to have your own kitchen and bathroom with you and still want to take a trip this summer, then renting an RV might be a great option for you. 

When we’re traveling in our Class C motorhome around the USA, we don’t have to worry about staying in hotels and eating out at restaurants.

Instead, we sleep and cook in the RV. It’s comfortable AND so much fun!

Best RV Rental Tips

Determine if Full-time RV life is for you

Is RV living full-time really for you?

If you’re considering making RV life a full-time adventure, and you’re not sure, than the first thing you can do is take a short trip by renting an RV.

There are many choices and ways to find RV’s for rent including RV trailer rentals such as travel trailers and fifth wheels or drivable rentals such as Class C motorhomes.

Small RV rentals are becoming pretty popular too with #vanlife becoming so popular.

If you don’t know where to start looking for RV rentals and how to do it, we are going to share 5 tips for how to rent an RV for a week below.

5 Tips On How To Rent An RV For A Week

RVing to see the sights

Can you rent an RV? Of course you can!

Motorhome and travel trailer rentals have become very common in the USA. 

If you don’t know where to start on how to rent an RV, here are some tips to help you.

1. Figure out which type of RV you need

First things first, you have to pick which RV will fit your needs.

Do you want a luxurious one or do you prefer a more budget friendly choice?

Do you want to tow an RV with your own vehicle or do you want a drivable RV?

Different types of RVs are there to satisfy different needs. Even choosing between a diesel or gas-powered motorhome is a big deal!

Outdoorsy  has several RV choices including Class A to C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, expandables, truck campers, fold downs, and toy haulers. Find out more details about these different RV types on our “what RV to rent” section below.

2. Set a price range

Before looking for rentals of the RV you picked, you have to decide on a price range you’re willing to spend on it. Warning, this relies a lot on which type of RV you choose. 

Camper rental costs

The price of an RV also depends on how old it is, who your company renting from, and its size. 

Renting an RV can be pricey, too, but discounts may be given if you’re taking it for a week or longer. It’s still more practical than getting a hotel room and eating out all the time.

3. Find a reliable RV rental site 

There are many RV rental companies on the internet, but we highly recommend Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is one of the top rated RV rental websites out there. They provide liability and comprehensive collision insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and a DMV drivers check, they also provide live customer support service and allow private RV owners to rent out their RVs. 

4. Ensure that Insurance is provided  

Liability insurance is often provided by the rental company. However, auto insurance is not always part of the package.

When I dug in, I learned that renting an RV with Outdoorsy provides you with comprehensive and collision coverage and liability coverage.

If we decide to start renting out our RV, we’ll be using Outdoorsy for sure.

5. Settle the rent early   

Once you’ve found the RV you want and you have no problems with the terms and conditions of the company, you book it.

It’s better to be sure that your RV choice is available for you to use on the day of your trip. Get ready to hit the road, especially if it’s summer and a very busy rental season.

Click here to check out some great offers on Outdoorsy.

​What RV to Rent

RV rental tips

You may want a luxury RV that you can bring along with you on the road. Or, maybe you just need a travel trailer spacious enough for all of your pets or kids.

There are different RVs fit for these different camping experiences.

To find the RV type that fits you, here’s our guide on the different RV types you could rent.

Now, keep in mind that the most RV rentals we see at campgrounds are drivable RVs. So Class As, Class Cs, and vans. But you can rent towable RVs as long as you have a vehicle that is able to tow that weight and size. 

Class A

If you want a classy set-up  or just need enough space and a drivable RV, then a Class A RV might work for you.

Class As are the largest type of RVs. It may look like a bus to the eye of non-RVing people because of its size and rectangular design.

This type also allows for more features like a whole entertainment system or a kitchen.

The biggest downside is that Class A RV rental is the most expensive of the bunch. You can’t expect a motorhome that’s luxurious and spacious to be very budget-friendly!

Click here to check out some great Class A options to rent.

Class B

Also known as camper vans, Class B RVs are the most compact drivable RVs and often thought of as ‘vans’. These #vanlife RVS are easy to maneuver and drive around. 

Most Class Bs have an outdoor awning and a kitchenette which really helps in saving space while still trying to fit what you need to bring along.

However, a Class B isn’t right for you if you plan to bring a lot of people with you. The small space would not be enough and it might make you feel uncomfortable if you insist on renting one.

Click here to see what Class B or vans are offered.

Class C

Renting a Class C RV

Class C motorhomes resemble Class Bs more, but in a larger size! It works great for our full-time RVing family of six and we’ve got lots of reasons why we love our Class C family RV.

Even though it’s bigger than Bs, it’s pretty easy to drive and maneuver. Even I drive ours sometimes!

A class C RV has enough space for our family to have our own beds that don’t require being folded or converted for more space in the morning. However, if you have more than six people in the family and you want enough space for everyone, a Class C RV rental may not be the best option for you.

Click here to check rates on Class C’s in your area.

Folding and Tent Trailers 

Rent a Pop Up Trailer

If you want something that’s easy to maneuver, you may be looking for folding and tent trailers. These trailers are some of the smallest towable RVs. 

Due to its collapsible compartments, it makes camping comfortable. However, this feature is also what makes storage difficult.

If you’re looking for a full camping experience, then a camper trailer rental like this might be for you. 

Check out some trailer options near you.

Toy Haulers  

For sporty campers with large trucks to tow, a toy hauler rental might be fore you. It can accommodate equipment like ATVs and bikes!

It features a folding wall which also works as a ramp to make moving your equipment easier. It works best as a garage space for your trips.

The disadvantage is the lack of living quarters inside this towable RV. This is not fit for family trips but more for campers that are attending sports events.

Click here to check out some Toy Hauler options.

Fifth Wheels   

Rent a fifth wheel RV

What makes fifth wheels different from other towable RVs is their gooseneck connector. The connector gives more leverage to the truck’s center and makes it easier to maneuver.

They have overhanging sections that can add more space in the trailer. 

However, like a Toy Hauler, this only works if you have a truck with an open or flat bed ready to tow. 

Click here to see what Fifth Wheels are in your area.

If you’re a beginner, you can check out our beginner’s guide to RVing, too!

Travel Trailers    

Rent Unique Travel Trailers

A travel trailer is a type of towable RV. They are less expensive and detachable, which is convenient for those who are not into full-time RVing or those who love exploring the areas they reach.

Another advantage of travel trailer rental is that they can offer a huge space for house amenities like kitchens and bathrooms.

Click here to check out some Travel Trailer Rentals.

​How Much to Rent An RV

One of the biggest concerns when renting an RV is the price. But come to think of it, renting an RV is still cheaper and more practical than going around and looking for good hotels to stay at especially if you choose a drivable rental RV.

Some RV rentals may be pricey but there are cheap RV rentals, too!

How much is it to rent an RV?

There’s no specific answer for that, RV rental costs vary. It all depends on where you’re renting from, how used the RV is, and what type you’ve chosen. You could find that certain regions of the country have more expensive prices than others. 

However, we can give you a rough estimate on how much to rent an RV for a week.

Class A For 1 Week Average Cost

Older RV:  $1050 to $1750

Newer RV: $2450 to $3150

Class B or Van For 1 Week Average Cost

Older:  $700 to $1400

Newer: $1400 to $2450

Class C For 1 Week Average Cost

Older:  $700 to $1400

Newer: $1575 to $2800

*Towable RVs usually cost around the same price of Class Bs

​Where to Rent An RV

Don’t go with Cruise America, they stand out and scream ‘tourist’ when you see them at campgrounds. Plus, if you rent with Outdoorsy then you are renting someone else’s RV and helping them out. Think about it, it’s like supporting small businesses.

​Additional Reminders When Renting An RV

How to rent an RV safely - practice driving or towing it first

1. Practice driving

Driving an RV is different from driving a car. Most RV types are larger than a minivan and probably heavier so you need to practice driving and how to maneuver them if you want a safe road trip! Especially if you are towing your RV behind a truck or SUV.

2. Pack Essentials

When it comes to staying in an RV, space matters. A slightly bigger than a minivan-sized vehicle is not enough to hold too much of your belongings. Pack wisely!

If you need tips on what to bring to a road trip, here’s a list of our road trip essentials.

3. Bring Your Own Meals 

Camping trailer rental tips - bring your own food

Not all RVs have enough space for a full kitchen so it’s better to bring your own meals, or at least easy to make meals! This way, you won’t have to spend so much on outside food and save time cooking or even finding ways to cook your favorite meal inside the camper.

4. Prepare for RV fees  

Check ahead of time the possible additional fees in renting the RV you’ve chosen. Aside from insurance, some charge more if you plan on bringing a pet with you or generator usage.

Also, most owners who rent out their RVs limit the amount of miles you can put on the RV or you’ll be charged overage.

Lastly, you’ll want to book your campsites at the campgrounds you plan to visit ahead of time. Know how long your RV is so that you get a spot that fits your RV!

5. Enjoy   

Really, at the end of the day, you chose to travel because you want to make some great memories. Don’t worry too much and enjoy your trip!

Who knows, after taking a week long RV trip in a rental RV you may consider buying your own to live the life of full-time RVing like we did! If that’s the case, click here to download our RV Apps cheat sheet and get on our email list. We’d love to connect with you and help you get started!

Have you decided on which RV type to rent?  Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning finding an RV within your price range that also includes collision coverage. I’m wanting to rent an RV to take my family to some national parks with my family this year. I’ll be sure to find an RV that is comfortable for the whole family while we travel.

  2. Renting an RV is the best way to figure out if RVing is right for you or your family. While it may not be the cheapest way to travel, it offers you the chance to get away from day-to-day life, vacation differently than you’re used to, and experience adventure you wouldn’t get from other forms of travel. Also, when you’re unsure whether a RV/camper is right for you, consider renting one first.


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