RV Pantry Storage Ideas and Organization Tips

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Are you searching for RV pantry storage ideas for your RV kitchen? I know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out ways to store food and other items in your RV or camper.

If there’s one thing I want to keep organized in my RV, it’s the pantry! As a mom of four, I don’t have time to search for food and ingredients whenever I need something. Plus, cluttering the pantry can make it difficult to quickly and easily find what you need.

That’s why organizing my RV kitchen pantry storage is so important. With simple camper organizing tips, tricks, and hacks, you can make the most of the space in your RV kitchen to keep items easy to access.

Check out some of my favorite RV pantry storage ideas and organization tips:


RV Pantry Storage Ideas

RVs are made differently; some come with more storage space than others. While some RVs are made with a built-in pantry closet, which already has an RV pantry organization system in place, others have yet to do so. You’ll have to use your RV kitchen cabinets to store food. 

Some RV kitchen pantry ideas can help you maximize storage and organization regardless of your pantry size. Here are a few RV pantry organization ideas to get started:

Add A Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

Whether you are using an RV cabinet for your pantry or have a dedicated closet as a pantry, this is an excellent hack if the shelves are deep. Consider adding pull-out cabinet organizers to make reaching the items in the back more manageable. This allows you to see and get items deep inside the pantry quickly.

If you want to get creative with these RV pantry storage ideas, add roll-out shelf storage for your pots and pans and a few select roll-out baskets for organizing small items like tea bags.

Label and Place Items in Clear Storage Containers

It’s important to use clear storage containers to group similar items together when short on space. Labeling each container can help you find what you need quickly without searching through every item.

I found this portable label maker on Amazon, and it’s sleek and easy to use. You can easily label your storage containers and keep them organized in the pantry. 

This is an excellent RV organizing ideas for snacks, baking ingredients, and other items that can be grouped. You can even use different sizes of clear storage containers to help you store items of various shapes and sizes.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas

As we search through some helpful organizers for your pantry, Nicole from livingtinywithawolf.com shared this photo mentioning, “We use clear storage bins for the high shelves! Makes getting spices and teas a breeze when you can just pull the whole container down!”

Utilize the Space Below Your Pantry

Shelf for RV Kitchen

Remember the empty wall space below your pantry! Consider hanging things like a wire basket with hooks or a spice rack for quick access to items you use often.

If you need wall space, consider using an over-the-door organizer for your RV pantry ideas. I’ve used this before for my RV Closet Storage, and it saved a lot of space!


Add Wall Mounted Rack

For small RV kitchen ideas, mounting a wall-mounted rack on the wall is a great solution. This will give you more floor space and allow you to hang items like oven mitts, kitchen towels, and other RV essentials.

RV Kitchen Spice Rack

I also used a wall-mounted rack as one of my RV bathroom storage, where I use it as a medicine cabinet. I think it’s a versatile accessory to add to any RV organization system.

RV Shelving Ideas

Adding RV shelving in the pantry is an easy way to increase storage space and keep your items off the floor. There are many options for RV shelving ideas, so you can choose what works best for you.

Add Narrow Pull-Out Racks

If you have a small pantry or if you have a narrow space between your counters, adding these narrow RV pantry slide-out shelves is a great way to use the area. This shelving can help you organize canned goods, spices, and items that only need a little room.

You can easily use pull-out racks to access items tucked away in the back.

Install a Pull-Out Shelf

This is common RV pantry ideas. A pull-out shelf is a great way to use the vertical space in your kitchen. It’s an intelligent RV shelves ideas because it will allow you to store and access items without taking up any floor space.

You can even customize this shelf with labels or baskets so that you know exactly what item is where!

However, the cons are that it may be expensive, and you must install it permanently in your kitchen space. However, I found this sliding bamboo wood storage rack from Amazon, and you can add this to your RV kitchen pantry without any permanent work.

Make use of Free Standing Wire Shelves

If your cabinets need to catch up, these free-standing wire shelves are a must-have for your RV pantry storage. Using that extra space in your tall cabinet space, you can add wire shelves to store items above and below.

Motorhome Kitchen Cupboard Organization

You can also use magnetic walls for spices and tension rods to keep items from falling when the RV moves.

Invest in Built-In Dish Racks

A dish rack is the best camping dish storage idea for RV living. I love how this can help me keep my dishes effortlessly organized and accessible while also freeing up counter space.

There are a lot of dish racks available in the market, but if you want a built-in one for your pantry or cabinet, consider investing in a stainless steel pull-out rack that will fit perfectly into the space in your pantry.

If you don’t have space for a pull-out dish rack, then you can totally use this sink dish drying rack from Amazon. It’s an idea also shared with us by Ron Beach, who used this rack to keep his pantry tidy!

sink dish drying rack

RV Food Storage Ideas

An important thing you want to secure while RVing is your food. Not all RVs have pests, but if you encounter them, ensure your food is stored well. In addition, you’ll want your food secure for ‘travel days’ when your RV is moving down the highway. 

Here are some easy RV food storage ideas:

Use a Fridge Lock

To prevent travel day mishaps, consider adding a fridge lock to the handle of the refrigerator door. It’s a handy RV kitchen organizer that you can also use for cabinets, as this comes in helpful when the RV is moving to avoid items from spilling or falling over.

Motorhome tool kit for a fridge

Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealing food items in airtight bags is one of the best RV kitchen organization ideas. This will help keep moisture and air away from the food, helping it last longer and stay fresher for a more extended period. Plus, vacuum sealed bags are easy to store and more compact, making them great for RVing.

If you have a small RV fridge, using vacuum sealed freeze bags is also great. So whenever I buy fresh meat, I need to divide them into the correct portions I need for a meal, which only takes up so much space in the freezer! You can also use them for food items to store in the pantry.

Invest in Stackable Containers

Stackable airtight containers are the best RV kitchen storage solutions when it comes to organizing and storing food. These containers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials that you can use for any food item! Plus, they are stackable, so you won’t have to worry about losing any space in your RV kitchen.

Label Your Containers

Labeling your containers is essential when it comes to RV food storage. This will help you keep track of food items and expiration dates, ensuring you don’t end up eating something spoiled or expired. Plus, labeling containers helps make them easily identifiable as well!

Check out this portable label maker for labeling your food containers!

Add An Organizer to Your Fridge

rv fridge storage ideas

Get your fridge storage sorted out by adding an organizer like stackable containers or refrigerator drawer organizer to keep items organized and easily accessible. This will ensure you get all the fresh food when you’re in the middle of your travel.

Final Thoughts

These pantry storage ideas are perfect for anyone starting in RVing. With these ideas, you won’t have to worry about squeezing all your kitchen and food items into a limited space because you can maximize the area with clever storage solutions.

If you need more inspiration for pantry organization and food storage, this article should give you enough ideas to get started. It’s also a great place to search for gifts for RV owners, as these storage solutions are handy and versatile!

Have fun organizing your RV.

Happy travels!

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