15 RV Gifts – The Best Gifts for RV Owners

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Jun 17
RV Gifts - The Best Gifts For RV Owners

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Living in an RV full-time like we do requires a lot of knowledge, tools, and items especially made for RV living. So if you're looking for the best gifts for RV owners, let me help you with this list I made featuring 15 of the best RV gifts for everyone.


You see, we've been living and traveling in our family's Class C RV for over 2 years and have a few ideas that are sure to help you find the best RV gifts for your loved ones. 

Because, to be honest, not every item is created equal.

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Best RV Gifts For 2020

2020 is the year for combined fun and comfort.

Here are some items that are great as motorhome gifts, gifts for RV owners, RV Christmas gifts, and even gifts for new RV owners!

Check them out and let us know in the comments below if you know of a great RV gift idea that we left out.

1. RV mat

An RV mat is a safe purchase if you’re looking for a practical gift for RV owners. Our living space is much smaller than an actual house so we lay a mat right outside the RV for some extra space.

We can’t stay inside the RV the whole day!

It’s also extremely helpful if you’ve got kids like us or if you just want to help keep the dirt out. Ours is big enough and we use it to let our kids play outdoors. Most of our RV family friends have one, too.

Click here to check out a top rated RV mat with a great carrying case!

2. Wine Glass Holder

It’s 2019, self-care and a little indulgence is the trend.  So what if you’re traveling in an RV? Everyone deserves a sip  of wine after a tiring day hiking on Angel’s Landing or playing with their kids in Legoland.

However, living in an RV makes things a little more complicated. You don’t just need wine glasses to enjoy wine, you need an unbreakable wine glass made for the shaking and rattling that an RV makes on travel day.

Have fun without worrying about the glasses falling off the table and breaking!

3. Amazon Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to gift RV owners, you can resort to an Amazon gift card and let them pick what they want.

No more worries if they’ll love the gift if they pick it out themselves!

Wait though, keep reading to learn about some more fun ideas if you're hoping for a more personalized gift than a gift card.

Fun RV Gift Ideas For Anyone

Stuff for RVers

Who says we can’t have much fun in our RVs? We can have fun and exciting days of traveling and seeing the country with the right items. 

If you're looking for fun gifts for RV travelers, then here are some gift ideas for RVers that your friends and family can have some fun with.

4. State Sticker Map

RV Sticker Map for a great RV Gift

Maps are fun. Sticker maps are even MORE fun and becoming really popular!

Listed as one of our fun RV accessories, state sticker maps help you keep track of what states you’ve visited in your camper. Every sticker we stick makes us feel like we’ve  accomplished another great adventure.

Our own state sticker map has flags on each state, making it quite the educational tool as well. 

​5. Happy Camper Decorations

If we’re talking motorhome gift ideas, don’t leave out decorations.

Happy Camper decorations make RV’s and campers fun to look at. They range from bumper stickers to fluffy pillows. 

Set a comfy atmosphere all over your RV by purchasing these happy ca​​mper decorations that are totally worth it.

6. Welcome Flag

Show your RV spirit with a welcome flag! There are  lots of welcome flag designs but the one we have is specifically for full-time RV families. Be sure to grab a flag stand as well

Simple gifts for RV campers like these can easily make their days!

Gift Ideas For RV Owners And Full Time RVers

RV Gifts Hammock

RV owners and full time RVers are very eager to keep items with multiple functions and convenience. Our space is not much, so every little thing should be able to contribute to the RV experience and have multiple functions.

To help you figure out what the best gifts for RV owners are, here’s a list of gift ideas for full time RVers.

7. RV Logbook

The Ultimate RV Logbook - A Great Camping Journal

As a family that visits a new state every week or two, we had to keep track of the details during every trip.

Where exactly did we camp? Were there nearby stores there? Was the cell signal strong or weak?

You don’t want to forget about important details like these because they might come in handy in the future when you want to return to a favorite destination.

What if someone asks you for tips because they’re planning to visit the area as well? What if YOU yourselves plan to go back?

Even I keep track of our travels through our ultimate RV logbook and I suggest that every RV owner does, too.

8. Berkey Water Filter

The most important thing wherever you go and in whatever situation is having clean water. For our family who jumps from state to state all the time, not sure if we can trust the water supply where we are, we decided to buy this Berkey water filter to feel more secure.

If you're looking for a smaller and more portable version of the Berkey that we have, this would be a great option as well.

It is one of our most trusted RV kitchen accessories and its price makes up for the amount we save from NOT buying bottled water for years!

9. Portable Fire Pit

Not  every campground has campfire pits so to be sure, it’s best to bring a portable one. Plus, it allows you to use propane rather than having to purchase wood each time.

A portable fire pit that folds and even has a carrying bag is the most convenient option for traveling families.

RV Gifts For Mom

Gifts for other RVers

RVing moms like me are often the ones who take on the jobs of cooking and cleaning in the camper. 

There are lots of RV fun stuff that can help us in taking care of the kids and some RV ideas that will be great for our own self-care. Honestly, it can be super tiring but you can help RV moms by checking this list of RV gifts for mom we made!

10. Dutch Oven

Even though it’s heavier than most pots, a dutch oven is a great addition to your RV kitchen. Its thickness helps with holding more heat and the types of food that can be cooked in it are flexible!

If you want to bake, boil, roast, sauté, or even fry, a dutch oven will work for you. Check this pre-seasoned dutch oven and see how owning one can make a difference in your menu. 

11. Door Storage

Packing the things you need for daily living into one RV is a challenge and may lead to a mess if you’re just getting started. As time passes, you’ll learn a trick or two on how to keep things organized in your tiny space. I’ve learned that a good over-the-pantry door storage would be helpful to us!

It works for other areas in our motorhome, too.

We have one in the bathroom and in our kid’s bunk room, but I know many families that fit one in their RV kitchen as well. Draping it under your bed is also a great idea.

12. Sunscreen

With so much time out in the open, we had to find ways to take care of our skin. If I’m not wearing a hat, then I’m applying sunscreen often.

You can share this sunscreen with the kids as well and would make a great stocking stuffer for a family member who likes to get outside more.

RV Gifts For Dad

Tables and Grills for RVers

Just like RV moms, RV dads get additional workload for this lifestyle. Make them feel better by these practical gifts for motorhome enthusiasts that makes great RV gifts for dad!

13. Tire Pressure Gauge

One of our best RV tool kit essentials is th​​is tire gauge that works great for our Class C RV. With our dual-tire setup, we had to go with a gauge that reaches inside all the angled tire stems.

Remember to look for heavy duty gauges when buying one.

14. Headlamp

Ever had to step out of your RV in the middle of nowhere to check the tires or slides? What if it happens when it’s night time already?

Tony uses his headlamp regularly. We’ve actually gone through several as the kids love using it too, and may have lost one or two. A headlamp makes a perfect gift for any RV dad. 

15. Sunglasses

RV families like us, often visit National and State Parks which requires us to be ready for all types of weather. I'm not sure there's any RVer out there without a pair if polarized sunglasses. 

Be fashionable while protecting your eyes with a pair of sunglasses.

Gifts for RVers

What are the best gifts that you’ve received as a full time RVer? Do you think it could be the best gift idea for other RV owners? 

Now, if you didn't find ideas above to match what you are looking for, then check out these RV organization accessories and ideas.

Or, if you're looking for more RV must haves then be sure to check this list out

Gifts for RV owners and campers

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