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35 RV Gifts – The Best Gifts for RV Owners

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Jun 26
RV Gifts - The Best Gifts For RV Owners

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Are you looking for the best RV gifts for the RV lovers in your life? As a family who has lived in our RV full-time, and who has also camped in it part-time, we wanted to create this list of the best gifts for RV owners. 

Gifts for RVers are a bit unique. Some are fun and decorative such as some of the Happy Camper-themed RV gifts for mom, while others are very useful and functional, such as the and tool RV gifts for dad.


Best RV Gifts For 2020

2020 is the year for camping and RV living.

Here are some items that are great as motorhome gifts, gifts for RV campers, RV Christmas gifts, and even gifts for new RV owners!

Check them out and let us know in the comments below if you know of a great RV gift idea that we left out.

Click here to download our FREE worksheet to help you during your RV shopping process.

1. RV Mat or Rug

An RV mat is a safe purchase if you’re looking for a practical gift for RV owners. Our living space is much smaller than an actual house so we lay a mat right outside the RV for some extra space.

We can’t stay inside the RV the whole day!

It’s also extremely helpful if you’ve got kids like us or if you just want to help keep the dirt out. Ours is big enough and we use it to let our kids play outdoors. Most of our RV family friends have one, too.

Click here to check out the best RV mat we have found with a great carrying case!

You may also consider purchasing a welcome mat for your RV. I love this one with all the bright colors. 

2. National Park Pass

One of the top gifts for RV enthusiasts, in my opinion, is an America the Beautiful Annual National Park pass.  So many RV owners love the outdoors, traveling, and visiting National Parks. Why not gift them something that they will use, and will mean so much to them? 

Plus, if you buy a National Park pass with this link for the same price as it would cost to buy the pass from the National Park Service directly, then REI will donate 10% back to the National Park Foundation in 2020. 

Or, if you are looking for more specific National Park Gifts then check out this post.

3. Amazon Gift Card

If you're struggling to find great gifts for RV owners in your life, you can resort to an Amazon gift card and let them pick what they want.

No more worries if they’ll love the gift if they pick it out themselves!

4. Harvest Hosts Membership

There are many memberships out there for campers and RVers. Grabbing one of these memberships, such as Harvest Hosts, could be on your list of top gifts for RV campers in your life. 

Harvest Hosts is a membership that allows RVers to camp for FREE at wineries, breweries, farms, and museums across the USA. 

Click here to sign up for a Harvest Host Membership and get 15% off the first year. 

5. Folding Stool

One of the simple gift ideas for RV owners that might surprise you is a folding stool. There are times when it's hard to reach the top shelf above the RV kitchen sink, and having a stool handy is very helpful. With little extra space to store one, it's helpful to have a folding stool like this one.

6. RV Logbook

The Ultimate RV Logbook - A Great Camping Journal

As a family who has visited over 44 states, it's been really helpful to keep track of our campgrounds using this RV logbook that is pictured above.  

I'm such a planner, and I know there are many other RVers out there who would agree that this is one of the top gifts for new camper owners. We wrote a more detailed post about the ultimate RV logbook if you want to check it out. 

7. The Ove Glove

Another practical gift for the RV owner in your life is an Ove Glove like this one. Even though it's listed as #7 on our list, I would almost rank it as the best gift for RV owners who like to cook or grill!

8. Dish Tub 

No, I'm not trying to overlook our last suggestion. But even if your loved one doesn't like to cook, they will still need to do the dishes.

That's why I'd say that buying them a collapsible dish tub might be the best gift for RV campers who like to dry camp or boondock often. Meaning, they may not always have sewer hook-ups and need to do their dishes outside.

9. Camping Dish Towel

If you're looking for a personalized towel for your camper, I love these kitchen camping towels. These could make for some great RV gifts for Christmas that could even fit in a stocking!

10. Instant Pot

Useful RV kitchen appliances can make for excellent gifts for new RV owners. My top suggestion is to start with an Instant Pot. We also recommend buying an Instant Pot in our ultimate RV Kitchen Accessories post here.

Fun RV Gift Ideas For Anyone

Are you looking for really FUN RV gift ideas? The kind that are not as 'useful' but a bit more unique?  Think 'RV toys' here.

Stuff for RVers

If you're looking for fun gifts for RV travelers, then here are some gift ideas for RVers that your friends and family might enjoy.

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11. State Sticker Map

Maps are fun. Sticker maps are even MORE fun and becoming really popular!

RV Sticker Map for a great RV Gift

Listed as one of our fun RV accessories, state sticker maps help you keep track of what states you’ve visited in your camper. Every sticker we stick makes us feel like we’ve  accomplished another great adventure.

Our own state sticker map has flags on each state, making it pretty educational for our kids too. 

12. Happy Camper Mug

If we’re talking motorhome gift ideas, a decorative camping mug might be a great idea.

Happy Camper decorations can be great gifts for RV travelers. They range from bumper stickers to fluffy pillows. 

A fun happy camper mug can be a practical and decorative gift. 

13. Welcome Flag

Help your friends and family show their RV enthusiasm with a customized welcome flag! There are many welcome flag designs to choose from, but the one we have is specifically for full-time RV families.

Be sure to grab a flag stand as well!  Welcome flags can make for great gifts for camper owners.

Simple gifts for RV campers like these can easily make their day.

14. Retro Lights

Strings of retro lights to hang up at a campground make fun gifts for RV owners. I love these lights as they are great for indoor or outdoor use, and they're so cute.

15. Hammock

If you're looking for a unique idea for RV camping gifts, then check out a hammock that comes with its own stand! Many RVers can be seen at campgrounds setting up their hammocks to lay back and relax in.

16. Camping Ornament

If it's that time of year, then camping ornaments can make for great Christmas gifts for RV owners. I love this glittery camping ornament

Honestly, I might be investing in a few Christmas gifts for RVers in our lives this year, and ornaments are a small and simple idea.

17. Propane Fire Pit

Did you know that not every campsite has a fire pit? Or, that your camping friends might want to dry camp and stay outside of a campground when they are in their RV? If you're looking for some unique and useful gift ideas for RV campers, then this might be your pick.

One of the best gifts for campers, in my opinion, is a portable fire pit and a carrying case.

Honestly, the smell of smoke from a wood fire can get into everything in an RV. That's why a propane fire pit is great for the RV owner if your life so they can enjoy a nice campfire without needing wood.

18. Collapsible Measuring Cups

These small collapsible measuring cups and measuring spoons are fun gifts for motorhome owners like us! I love how they nest inside each other and can fit in small kitchen drawers. So, if you're looking for gifts for travel trailer owners, RVers, or motorhome owners then these might work for you.

19. Coloring Book

A really fun RV camping gift idea is a Happy Campers adult coloring book!

A few of these might even be great for a family as a set of Christmas gifts for RVers, then they can each have their own.

Best Gifts For RV Owners And Full Time RVers

Long time RV owners, and many full-time RVers, are a little unique to shop for. You see, they want to keep items with multiple functions and convenience. Space is limited, so every little thing should be able to contribute to the RV experience and their lifestyle.

RV Gifts Hammock

This list of gift ideas for RV owners and full-timers may help you find some of what we think are the best gifts for RVers who are wanting to make this a full-time RV lifestyle.

To help you figure out what the best gifts for RV travelers are, here’s a list of gift ideas for full time RVers.

20. Screened In Tent

An excellent gift idea for a friend or family member who full time RV living is a screened in tent. It will give them more outdoor living space, without the bugs, and with more shade! 

This easy to set up screen tent works so well that when we visited the Florida Keys and used it, we were able to keep all of the Noseeums outside of the tent!

21. Berkey Water Filter

Every camper needs drinking water. A great gift to buy your RV living friend is this Berkey water filter so they don't feel the need to buy plastic water bottles each week. This water purification system allows you to put in water from any source and filter out heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. 

It is one of our most trusted RV kitchen accessories and its price makes up for the amount we save from NOT buying bottled water for years of being a full time RV family.

22. Kindle Paperwhite

E-readers are great gifts for full time RVers because there just isn't space available to carry around many books. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is a top pick and one that most full-time RVers own.

23. Bedside Caddy

A useful RV organization hack is a bedside caddy like this one. This could be added to your list of gifts for RV living family and friends.

24. Coffee Maker

If your friends are planning on living in an RV full-time and they are coffee drinkers, then a small coffee maker is a great gift idea. They even make small pod coffee makers that don't take up much space on an RV kitchen counter.

25. Shower-house Caddy

When camping without full-hookups, an RVer will often walk to the campground shower-house to clean up. They'll need a bathroom caddy to bring all of their toiletries. We LOVE our ebags bathroom organizer with a hook and use it often!

RV Gifts For Mom

RVing moms are often the ones who take on the jobs of cooking and cleaning in the camper. Not always, but most of the time.

Gifts for other RVers

There are many camper gifts for mom that would make the RV moms in your life excited to open as a gift. Some useful, and others just plain fun! So check out our list of RV gifts for mom below and see what stands out to you.

26. Dutch Oven

Even though it’s heavier than most pots, a dutch oven is a great addition to your RV kitchen. Its thickness helps with holding more heat and the types of food that can be cooked in it are flexible!

It's really useful for cooking over a fire too!

Click here to see our top pick for a pre-seasoned dutch oven.

27. Wine Glass Tumblers

If you have a wine lover in your life, then you may want to consider  investing in some wine glass tumblers.

You don’t just need wine glasses to enjoy wine, you need a set of unbreakable wine glass tumblers made for the shaking and rattling that an RV makes on a travel day.

28. Door Storage Organizer

Staying organized in an RV is a challenge for many. We created a detailed post with many RV organization ideas where we shared some of our best tips. That's why I'm including a door organizer as one of our practical gifts for an RV owner here.

29. Camping PJs

Not as practical, but so much more fun, is to gift the RV woman in your life with some fun camping PJs.

30. Air Fryer Lid - For The Instant Pot

An attachment for your mom's instant pot that might put a big smile on her face is this air fryer lid. Friends of ours have one in their Fifth Wheel and use it often.

We spent a week camping with them and we made smores in the air -fryer! 

Air Fryer

RV Gifts For Dad

Just like RV moms, RV dads would love something special for their camper lifestyle. Check out these fun and practical gifts for motorhome enthusiasts, fifth wheel owners, or travel trailer explorers.

These are what we call the great RV gifts for dad!

Tables and Grills for RVers

31. Tire Pressure Gauge

Listed as one of our best RV tool kit essentials is a tire gauge that works great for our Class C RV. With many RVers having a dual-tire setup, they will need a gauge that reaches inside all the angled tire stems like this one we own.

32. Headlamp

One of the best gifts for camper owners is a headlamp. If your dad owns an RV, or is thinking about buying a motorhome or travel trailer, then a simple headlamp could make for a great gift.

Tony uses his headlamp regularly. We’ve actually gone through several as the kids love using it too, and may have lost a few. A headlamp makes a perfect gift for any RV dad. 

33. Watt Meter

This is a fun RV gadget that would make a great gift for an RV dad. Tony bought himself this watt meter during our first year of RV living. He loved plugging almost any electronic device into it to see how much electricity is draws to help us know if we could use that appliance while boondocking and using solar for power.

34. Zero Gravity Chair

A fun gift for any camping dad is a  Zero Gravity Chair. They work well while camping and at home!

35. Telescoping Ladder

This compact and easy to store telescoping ladder is an excellent pick to add to your list of gifts for an RV owner to purchase this year. Honestly, a telescoping ladder one of my favorite RV living gift ideas for Dads. 

Gifts for RVers

If you own and RV, camper, or trailer, what are the best gifts that you’ve received? Do you think it could be the best gift idea for other RV owners? 

Now, if you didn't find ideas above to match what you are looking for, then check out these RV organization accessories and ideas.

Or, if you're looking for more RV must haves, then be sure to check this list out

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