29 RV Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Jul 16
29 RV Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

RV kitchen accessories and gadgets are those that fit easily into small spaces and provide great camper organization in your RV kitchen. As a full time traveling RV family of 6, we have learned a lot about what we REALLY need in our RV kitchen.

Kitchen tools are some of the most IMPORTANT RV gear that you can have while camping or RVing. They often fold up, stay small, or are multi-purposed. We made an ultimate list of 29 RV Kitchen Accessories for you to look through before you begin your camping adventures. 


RV Kitchen Accessories

These items are RV Kitchen Accessories you must have right away. They are items that our family could not have started traveling in an RV without.

I find that feeding 4 kids each day out of our RV requires me to be smart about my kitchen supplies. So, if you are planning to take your RV out for the first time, or you are already traveling in your motorhome, be sure to shop for these RV Kitchen Accessories.

1. Berkey Water Filter

You will need filtered and clean water when camping in an RV, camper, motorhome, or even a pop-up trailer. I never trust the water supply where we go, so we depend on our Berkey as our water purifier. 

We use our Berkey for all of our drinking water.

2. Instant Pot

If you want to know one of the best RV appliances, then check out an Instant Pot. It can do much of what you need in an RV kitchen. This is a must-have item.

3. Espresso Maker

While you are camping or RV living you need a way to stay caffeinated. One of our required RV appliances is our Breville Espresso Maker.

4. AeroPress

This is the best portable coffee or espresso maker we have found. When we are dry camping (without electricity) I will boil water and use our AeroPress to fill our coffee needs.

5. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are some of the top RV camping must haves. You can use them for most types of RV cooking, from stovetop to oven, or even a bonfire! 

6. Immersion Blender

One of our favorite RV gadgets is our immersion blender. It takes up a lot less space than a blender and allows our family to enjoy smoothies in our RV kitchen. 

7. Collapsible Strainer

A collapsible strainer is one of the most common motorhome kitchen accessories out there. We love how much space we saved once we bought ours!

8. Collapsable Measuring Cups

These RV gadgets are such a space saver! I swear that they decided these collapsable measuring cups for tiny house living to help with organization and saving space.

9. Mason Jars for Cups and Leftovers

Mason jars can be used for your regular drinking cups and for food storage. We have found them to be some of the most durable camping dishes.

10. Knives With Covers

I highly recommend that you purchase good knives with covers! Then you can place them in your drawers safely.

11. Cups

These stainless steel pint cups are great for camping. We have a set of 4 and they stack well and are lightweight!

12. Camping Utensils

These camping dishes are SO cool! We just bought these so that we could cut down on our overuse of silverware. Each person is responsible for cleaning their colored spoon-fork combo. 

13. Utensils

Finding RV kitchen utensils that will not clatter when they drop, is always a great thing in an RV kitchen. 

14. Dishes

These are just like the dishes we bought from Ikea. They are simple, not very expensive, and stack easily in the RV kitchen. Go for simple. 

15. Drying Rack for Dishes

One of the RV camping accessories you will need is a dish drainer or drying rack. This is a simple rack that rolls out over your sink and works really well. 

16. RV  Cookware

A set of easily stackable RV cookware are necessary kitchen tools. This set is even a great space saver!

17. Hot Pad - The 'Ove Glove'

This 'Ove Glove' is fantastic for grilling and holding your cast iron skillet handle or other RV cookware. I always love finding kitchen accessories that work both in and outside. 

Outdoor Camping Kitchen Accessories

Are you looking for the best camping accessories for your RV outdoor kitchen? Check these items out below.

Even if you don't have a camper trailer kitchen on the outside of your motorhome or RV, you can still set up a table and do much of your cooking outside!

I have found that some of the cool camping accessories and kitchen gadgets are those that you use outside! Check them out. 

18. Grill

Your RV outdoor kitchen is not complete with a portable grill. We use our Cusinart listed here every week and consider it one of our RV camping must haves. 

19. Grilling Utensils

Grilling utensils are must have camping accessories. They are RV camping supplies that you need when trying to do your outdoor cooking. 

20. Dish Tub

A dish tub is one of the RV camping must haves to add to your list. When we camp without a sewer hook-up, then we use our dish tub each day to save on gray water. 

21. Folding Table

A folding table is a must have for a camping kitchen. I especially love our adjustable height table so we can 'match' it to the hight of other tables available outdoors. 

22. RV Trash Can

One of the best camping accessories to have is an RV trash can. This one folds up nice and fits up to a 33 gallon bag making a great addition to your RV gear.

23. Roasting Sticks

What's camping without roasting marshmallows or hot dogs? Roasting sticks are one of those RV camping accessories everyone needs. 

RV Camper Organization For The Kitchen 

Finding camper organization ideas that can help you keep your camping supplies and kitchen dinnerware sorted will help you enjoy your RV adventures. 

Be sure to check out our list of must have items for an RV such a power surge protector and RV mattress here

Below is our list of RV organization ideas and accessories that will help you stay organized in your RV kitchen. 

24. Spice Rack

One of the tricks to traveling with food in motorhomes or RVs is keeping your small spices secure in a camping spice rack. This is a great rv spice rack that screws into the wall so that things won't go flying on travel day. 

25. Paper Towel Holder

If you are looking for great RV ideas for saving space on your countertops, then invest in an under the cupboard paper towel holder. It's one of those RV accessories most people appreciate.

26. Non Slip Shelf Liner

A helpful way to keep your dishes and camper kitchen accessories from sliding around in drawers and cupboards is using a non slip shelf liner. 

27. Tension Rods

Some of the great RV organization accessories are tension rods. Keeping a couple of these tension rods between shelves can stop camping dinnerware or food from shifting during travel. 

28. Over the Pantry Door Storage 

This is by far one of the best RV organization ideas for kitchens or even bathrooms! Hang it on the back of your pantry or bathroom door and use each pocket to save space!

Pantry or bathroom organizer. 

29. Glass Left Over Storage Containers

A set of stackable glass storage containers can be used safely in the microwave, while also working as dishes to eat from. They are also great camping organization ideas.

Prepare Your RV Kitchen 

The trick to setting up your RV kitchen successfully is to purchase items that have multiple functions or uses and will fit well in your small space. As a full time RV family that travels full time and lives in our RV, I hope that our tips and lists above helped you become inspired to get your kitchen ready. 

If you are contemplating taking a long or extended family road trip, or even becoming a full time RV living family, then check out this great post about how to begin. 

What do you have in your RV kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!

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Our ultimate list of RV and camper kitchen accessories that we love. As a full-time RV living family of 6, these are items we recommend to all RVers. #rv #rvlving #rvlife #rving #familytravle #camper #camping #kitchen #kitchenaccessories

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