11 Best Boise Hikes And Fun Hiking Trails In Idaho

Best Boise Hikes

Finding the best Boise hikes doesn’t have to be hard. Hiking in Boise is very popular, and the Boise trails are well maintained with friendly people everywhere. In all honesty, Idaho is full of kind people ready to help you find a trailhead or a great place to grab a bite to eat.  Whether you’re …

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12 Of The Best Hiking Gadgets For Excited Hikers

The best hiking gadgets for excited hikers

The hiking adventures just get better and better as we find the best hiking gadgets you can get your hands on. Look no further as we list the cool hiking gadgets we found that can make your hike easier, more comfortable, and super fun for the season ahead. We’ve talked about hiking gear before, including …

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15 Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy Women In Your Life

Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy Women In Your Life- Unique Gifts For Outdoorsy Women In Your Life-Unique Gifts for Outdoorsy Women in your Life

Have a friend or family member who loves to adventure, is a little outdoorsy, and loves to be active? Are you looking for special gifts for outdoorsy women in your life? Finding gifts that match their enthusiasm for the great outdoors can be tricky. We want adventurous gifts for her, those that are unique and …

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25 Fun Gifts For Hikers That Everyone Will Love

Gift ideas for hikers

Are you struggling with where to find gifts for hikers? Well, you don’t need to look any further. We listed many creative items that could make the best gifts for hikers in your life. You see, we are a traveling family who has spent 2 years living in an RV full-time while hiking many National …

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Create The Best Winter Hiking Gear List With These Ideas

Hiking gloves to stay warm

Everyone likes to have a list of the best winter hiking gear for their hiking trips to make sure that they have fun, stay safe, and feel comfortable. The essentials for the first three seasons are pretty much the same, but a hiker’s winter hiking gear list should be just a little different. This is …

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5 Best Hiking Dresses for Women

Looking for the best hiking dresses? Do you want to stay comfortable and stylish when you’re out in nature? Then keep on reading.  If you don’t know, hiking dresses can be such a great way to get comfortable and still enjoy being stylish while being an outdoorsy girl. A hiking dress is designed with functionality …

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The Best Hiking Clothes – What To Wear Hiking

The Best Hiking Clothes - What To Wear Hiking

The best hiking clothes have come a long way from animal skins to advanced synthetic materials that are quick-drying, lightweight, and even some that are biodegradable. But don’t count out those animal fibers just yet. Materials like Alpaca and Merino Wool are still a staple in most high-end hiking apparel lines. Both are often used …

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TiniBag Review – Best Kids Travel Backpack

Best Kids Travel Backpack - TinyBag

Looking for the best kids travel backpack? One that is durable and also fits small shoulders? Then TiniBag is an excellent option for you and your children. The TiniBag is perfect for small kids who want to carry their own things on travel days. Perfect for flying with kids, taking a road trip as a …

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The Ultimate Day Hike Packing List For A Safe Experience

The Best Day hike packing list

Going on a day hike is one of the most common outdoor activities in the US. And in comparison to other activities, this one doesn’t really need much planning. Well, aside from making sure you’ve got everything in your day hike packing list that is. Do I really need to know what things to pack …

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12 Useful Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling has been a struggle of mine, and I know it can be struggle for many. When we launched into full-time traveling, it was a different kind of challenge.  I found it hard to keep up an exercise routine or find a way to stay fit that worked. Working out while traveling …

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