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27 Of The Best Camping Gifts For Everyone

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Jul 20
Best Camping Gifts for Everyone

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Surrounding yourself with nature is one of the best things you can do after a long, long week. That’s why so many people plan ahead for some great camping trips. If you’re looking for the best camping gifts for that person you know who just loves to get outside more, then look no further.

Camping and getting outdoors is common. But if you want your camping gifts to be unique, then you’ve come to the right place.

We listed 27 of the best camping gifts to make your shopping easier. We hope that these camping gift ideas can help you get a new idea or two!

Unique Camping Gifts for men, women and children


Top 10 Camping Gift Ideas

Cool Camping Gadgets and Gear

1. Tent

Tents never go out of style. It’s the most basic yet essential item for any camper we know. And it’s the first word we associate with camping.

Gifting a great tent could never go wrong. It’s better to find tents with inside pockets that are well made to keep the water out, and lightweight.  Also, go for a minimalist one, edgy but convenient!

2. Hammock

Hammocks as gifts for friends

A hammock makes for an excellent gift for just about anyone who loves to camp. They fold up small and don't take up much space either.

Click here to check out prices on Walmart for hammocks.

Click here to see our top pick on Amazon.

3. National Park Pass

Great camping gifts - National Park Pass

Camping in National Parks is always a great experience for our family. It’s fun and educational at the same time!

If you’re friends or loved ones love to visit National Parks, then grab them a National Parks pass here! 

4. REI Gift Card 

Gift cards are great camping presents.

REI is one of our go-to online and in person stores for camping tools and outdoor gear. Campers, or really any outdoor enthusiast, will love to receive  an REI Gift Card to indulge!

5. Grill Kit  

Camping just isn’t the same without any grilled food. Be ready to cook the camping staples with this stainless grill kit.

With this set, you won’t have to ask for more. The case that comes with it is also portable, now isn’t that convenient?

6. Reusable Food Bags   

Are you searching for cheaper BUT useful camping gifts? Reusable food bags are a great idea.

We often make a large meal ahead of time and pack leftovers in reusable container or bags. Whether it’s a ready sandwich or the ingredients to what we plan to grill for dinner, food bags are essential.

Save space and contribute to a better environment by buying a reusable one!

7. Camping Tables 

Eat comfortably by bringing tables to camping shenanigans. Not every campsite has picnic tables for campers like us so we have to be ready and bring our own. 

If you think bringing one is hard and impractical for your camper friends, think again because we found this camp roll table which can support many plates but can also be packed in the bag that comes with it.

Check out our 2020 Guide to buying the best camping table here for a more detailed post.

8. Sleeping Bag 

Can’t be bothered to put up a tent? Or maybe you just want to stay warm inside your tent when you are camping. A great sleeping bag can make all of the difference when it comes to a warm and good night sleep while camping. 

Buying a high quality sleeping bag for a friend or loved one who loves to camp might just make the best present. Check out this highly rated 30-degree rating Marmot Sleeping Bag.

9. Water bottle 

Camping Gear - Water Bottle

We have to keep ourselves hydrated, especially if we’re having fun outdoors, to make sure that we’ll have the energy the whole day.

But we can’t just trust the water system wherever we go! So we bring in water with our water bottles.

If you’re looking for a small, yet very useful camping gift, then we recommend water bottles made of stainless steel and well-insulated. Click here to see our favorite one!

10. Lantern  

One can’t go camping without a lantern in hand. Lanterns are great tools to guide a camper’s way and assure their safety while outdoors.

Stay safe with this waterproof and long-lasting camping lantern.

Camping Gifts For Him

Wait, what about camping gifts for dad? We’ve got you covered with these different camping accessories that’ll make a camper's day! Here's our three suggested camping gifts for men.

11. Fire Starter   

Campers like us tend to visit different places so we expect that making fire will not always be easy. Thanks to this stormproof match kit, this can now be less of a concern.

A fire starter would make a small, yet perfect stocking stuffer gift!

12. Kuhl Clothes    

Camping Gifts for Him

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you’ll know that we’re fans of Kuhl clothing. Check out our tips on finding the best hiking and camping clothes here to get a more detailed account of hiking wear.

Clothes are part of the basic camping gear for anyone. And basic items like these should be given more attention than what it seems.

To play it safe, campers usually choose pants as their go-to hiking clothes, which makes it a good camping gift for Dad and your brothers. They’ll love it.

Kuhl sent us the Kühl Radikl pants and Tony loved them!

The pants were cleaned easily with a damp towel when a melted energy bar dropped on it, we didn’t even need to wash it to remove the stain. Find pants like this for camper dads you know and check out their wide variety of outdoor pants by clicking here.

13. Tool Kit     

When having outdoor activities, we should always be ready for any incident that may occur.

May it be a broken tent rod or a stuck on folding camping table, you can fix it with the right tool kit!

Camping Gifts For Her

Fun and Unique Camping Gifts

Most of us think that if it’s a gift for mom and other female campers, it’s better personalized. And yes, personalized camping gifts are nice and heartwarming, but there are tons of other gift ideas you can choose from.

Here are three of the best camping gifts for women that we suggest.

14. Dutch Oven      

Great Camping Gifts - Dutch Oven

You must be confused on why a dutch oven is on this list given that it's heavier than other pots. But that's the thing, a dutch oven's thick walls makes it more resistant to strong fire and it can be used to cook different types of food.

If you want to go camping for Thanksgiving, a dutch oven could be a great piece of cookware to own.

Get this all in one camping cookware for your mom who loves camping and make camping meals better than before!

15. REI jacket       

To help your camper friends brave through extreme weather conditions while on the road, here’s a windproof, breathable, and waterproof REI jacket.

It’s so convenient it can be packed down to a hand pocket. Campers can be safe AND fashionable with it! I love mine and have owned it for 3 years without any issues!

16. Camping Mat Seat        

What about a camping gift for mom? A camping mat seat is one of the greatest camping ideas for her.

Help mom campers have a space for playing with the kids with this foldable camping mat seat. It’s moisture-proof pads won’t disappoint you!

Camping gifts for kids

Camping Gifts for Kids

Kids always have fun with the littlest things. Help them enjoy further with these fun camping gift ideas below or click here to read our best camping gifts for kids.

17. Camping Pillow        

It's not necessarily one of the camping toys but it sure is useful for pillow fights!

To help a child camper have a comfortable sleep, don’t forget to give them compressible camping pillows. Not only are these space-saving, they can also help children feel more comfortable sleeping inside a tent that’s quite literally laid on the ground.

Check this compressible camping pillow with soft foam filling and convertible to bags when not in use. They can even choose from the adorable patterns and colors.

18. Flash Lights        

One kids camping gear that you should not miss out on are flashlights.

It works great even as a gift for toddlers if it comes with a security belt.

For safety purposes, it would be great if you can give your children their own flashlights while camping with you. With this, they’ll feel more secure and less anxious about moving around the campsite. 

Still, don’t take your eyes off kids when having outdoor activities like this!

19. Camping Chairs         

Camp chairs as gifts

Kids get exhausted easily so we have to make sure that they can be comfortable as soon as possible.

With these unique camping chair for girls and boys, they’ll forget their exhaustion in a second. Easily foldable, with a portable cup holder, and comes with a carrying bag, you wouldn’t want any other camping chair if you have these!

20. Slack Line       

Slack Line

A unique and fun gift for kids while camping is a slack line. If you're not sure what a slack line is, it's like a rope and balance beam combined. 

You hang it between trees like you would a hammock, but let the kids try to walk across it. 

Unique camping gifts

There are just lots of possible gifts for campers but if you really want something more special, you can choose from these three unique camping gifts list we made for you!

Camping Gift Ideas - Screened in Tent

21. Gazelle screened tent          

Step up your friend’s tent-game by gifting a gazelle screened tent!

This gazelle screened tent can house 4-6 people even with tables and chairs placed inside. It’s walls of tight weave mesh are best to protect campers from even the smallest bugs. It even has UV and water-resistant roof.

We absolutely LOVE our Gazelle screened tent and use it often!

22. Travel Grill        

Grill for camping

Let your friends grill the night away with this portable travel grill. It has enough cooking space for a family of 6 like us!

Complete with aluminum legs and stable feet set-up, this grill is the best choice for camping barbecues, burgers, and steaks.

23. Propane Fire Pit         

Want a no mess campfire? This propane fire pit is perfect for campers!

This fire pit works well especially if they are planning to visit a place without a fire pit. It comes with a cover and carry kit to keep the propane tank concealed.

Best Camping Gifts

24. Camping Stove

As a mom, one of the best camping gifts I could think of is a camping stove.

Eating is essential, and having a camping stove makes it so much easier. Just imagining those barbecues and kebabs is making me hungry.

Campers can’t cook these foods if they don’t have a reliable camping stove! Light and portable, this camping stove can surely make their camping menu better.

Looking for other ideas? You can check out our posts on the best hiking gifts or the best gifts for RV owners.

Camping is fun, but the right camping gear can make it better. Help your friends and family have the best camping experiences.

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