Living In A Motorhome Full Time With 4 Kids

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Apr 11

Have you ever thought about living in a motorhome full time with kids? How in the world does everything fit? Where does everyone sleep?

Our family of 6 lives in a 33-foot class-C motorhome while we travel the country full time. That's right, we live in less than 300 square feet of indoor living space with 4 kids!

Get a peek inside to see what motorhome living is really like! Watch our full time family RV tour below, or keep reading to learn how we all fit.


If you're not up for watching the video, or you want a more in-depth look at what living in a motorhome full time looks like, then keep on reading. 

I'm going to provide several photos of how we organize our living space to make it the best RV for full time family living and allow the 6 of us to live together in harmony.

First, I want to quickly touch on why our family loves the RV lifestyle. 

RV Organization ideas - Living in a motorhome

Why We Love The RV Lifestyle

I'm telling you, we really do love this RV lifestyle.

I love: the ability to visit new destinations each week, get the family outside more, meet new friends, spend more time together as a family, and live like minimalists. 

Our kids love: meeting new friends each week, finding awesome swimming pools, and having less toys to clean up.

Tony loves: being able to work outside many days, spending time with the kids and I MUCH more than he used to be able to, and having less 'stuff' or 'clutter' in our home. 

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So what does all that have to do with living in a motorhome full time?

Well, we appreciate having our own beds, our own 'me' space, our own food, and a place with heat and air conditioning that we can call home.

We also LOVE that our home is on-wheels and that we can enjoy our traveling lifestyle while bringing the comforts of 'home' along with us.

Click here if you are just getting started and want more RV living tips.

How to live in an RV with Kids

Type Of RV - Why a Class C?

Particularly, we are happy to have a class C motorhome instead of a travel trailer or fifth wheel. Why exactly is that? 

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailer

We have friends that love living in a travel trailer full time. They have a used truck and used travel trailer that they paid cash for, which allows their overhead expenses to stay low. As a family of 5, they fit well in their travel trailer and have made an amazing home on wheels. 

We were not in a position to pay cash for a truck or RV when we launched, so that would have been two loans. Our family also needed to find a truck with seatbelts for 6 and that is also very difficult to find.

Fifth Wheels

Best RV for Full time Family living Fifth Wheel

There are also many full time traveling families that love living in a fifth wheel full time. Fifth wheels often provide more head space with higher ceilings, more outdoor storage, and in particular, some amazing bunk house RV floor plans with real doors! 

Yet, the size of a fifth wheel can often limit which campgrounds you can fit in, along with the necessity of a heavy duty truck to pull it with. As a family of 6, we knew that we would be limited on our options for 4 children in carseats or booster-seats all fitting in a truck. 

Class A Motorhomes

Living in a motorhome full time Class A

Why not a class A motorhome?

Most layouts of class A motorhomes don't have enough beds for a family of 6 without having to set up the couch or table into a bed each night. Furthermore, class A motorhomes were often higher in expense, even if they did come with a preferred diesel engine.

Tony and I did briefly talk about diesel motorhomes, yet decided against them. 

Super C Motorhomes

Now, another option that we briefly looked into were super C motorhomes. They come with a diesel engine, which would have been amazing. Yet, they were much higher in price and we did not want to break the bank. 

Class C Motorhome

Full time Class C RV

Our class C motorhome with a bunk slide allows each of us to have our own bed and space that does not have to be set up or taken down each night. It also allows us to fit in most campgrounds, being only 33 feet long.

More specifically, we feel that our Jayco Greyhawk is the best Class C RV for full time living. Maybe it's because we are biased, or maybe it's because it has worked so well for us during our 2 years of full time RV living and traveling. Yet, we do feel it's the best family motorhome you can find. 

How We Organize Our Motorhome

Where Do We Each Sleep? 

If you did not get a chance to watch our quick RV walk through video above, then I hope these photos and explanations help you get a good idea of how we all fit. I mean sleep πŸ˜‰ . 

We have a motorhome with bunkbeds!

Our oldest, Riley, and youngest, Jasmine, sleep on the bunkbeds while keeping their toys and special belongings at the foot of their beds. Since our kids are still young and short, this works well for our family. 

Full Time RVing in a family RV

Tony and I, the parents, have our 'short' queen sized bed in our bedroom in the back of the RV. Our room is just that, a BED room.

Click here to see a variety of RV mattresses and beds from Camping World.

We have to climb into bed from the foot of the bed, but we don't mind. We also appreciate having a sliding wood door to our room that gives us parents some privacy. πŸ™‚ 

Living in a Motorhome Full Time_

Our two middle children, Lilya and Gwendolyn, sleep on the bunk over the cab of our class C motorhome. 

They sleep with their heads at the front of the RV and their feet near the ladder. It's pretty convenient that they are both short enough so their feet don't hang off the bed.

This puts my anxiety at ease. You see, now they don't have much of a chance of rolling off the bed without a railing!

We have many more detailed tips of ways to organize your RV bedroom to take a look at here.

Best RV to Live in Full Time - Our Class C RV

Where Do We Eat? 

If the weather isn't great for outdoor eating, then we eat on our kitchen table. The 4 kids usually sit to eat while Tony and I either stand at the counter or sit on the couch to eat. To be honest, we have been known to eat in shifts. 

For instance, if the kids are busy playing and the food is ready, Tony and I eat quick while we can. As I'm sure you know, being a parent at meal time often means that you are managing toddler meltdowns, request for seconds, a spilled milk episode, and more! 

Small Motorhomes - RV Lifestyle - LTF

Where Do We Work? 

Tony and I came up with a great solution of a working desk! If it's raining or cold outside, then we can set it up inside on our bed in the back bedroom. Yet, if the weather allows, Tony will tell you that he much prefers setting up his desk outside. 

Work table - motorhome inside_

Where Do We Put Our Clothes?

Each person in our family has 1 drawer to keep his or her clothes in. I know what you are in the world do you fit it all? 

Well, we first decided to live like minimalists. So we were up for the challenge to downsize our wardrobes. 

I also learned a trick to fitting more clothes in a drawer is to roll your clothes. In our deep drawers, we use inserts from IKEA to help divide our clothes to help stay organized. 

RV Life clothes organization- Living in an RV year round

I do have a few extras for the kids that I want to hold on to for when they grow 2 inches in a week or when they get a huge hole in their favorite pants. We store these extra clothes in duffel bags under our queen bed, which is our indoor 'storage' area. 

Where Do We Put Our Shoes? 

In the video tour, I mentioned that we use the 'black bins' for our shoes. I wanted to share with you what they're actually called and where we bought them.

These black bins are called Trones, which they sadly don't sell anymore at IKEA. Yet, I did find these really cool wall-mounted shoe racks.

Shoe bins for family rv living_

Where Do We Put Our Homeschooling Materials?

As a family that travels full time, our children don't go to a typical school. They learn by experience and exposure while visiting new destinations. 

We use iPads with great educational apps such as Tynker and SplashMath. Oh, and the kids also have access to 2 laptops when they want to practice things like typing on Typsee or watching Youtube videos with me about cooking.

Our family also travels with two kindle paperwhites that our oldest two read from every day before bed or in the car on travel days. Yet, at times, it's nice to take out an actual book or workbook. 

We store our books, materials and board games above our kitchen table. 

RV Living with Kids - Books

Where Do We Cook?

To be honest, before we began to travel full time in our RV, I thought I would cook outside more on the grill. In reality, I find that we only grill 1 or 2 times per week. Otherwise we use our stovetop, microwave, and instant pot the most. 

How to live in an RV full time - RV Kitchen

Click here to read all about how to cook in a motorhome and check out some of our favorite RV camping meals! 

RV Living - where we often cook our food

Where Do We Store Our Food?

Our RV came with a linen closet in the hallway, that we use as our pantry. I knew we needed more space for food, so it took priority.

You'd be surprised of how many bags of groceries I can purchase and still manage to find room to store in our RV!

Living in a camper or motorhome - food storage

Living in a motorhome full time with 4 kids requires us to plan out our meals each week.

With such a small refrigerator and freezer, we do find ourselves playing a game of 'Tetris' in order to fit leftovers into the refrigerator. 

RV living tips - Organize your Refrigerator

How Do We Have Enough Drinking Water?

With such a small refrigerator, we don't have room to keep bottled water inside. Also, while traveling to different campsites, we've found that the quality and taste of the water out of the faucet isn't the best.

That's why we are very dependent on our Travel Berkey water filter. It actually PURIFIES our water, while leaving the healthy minerals we need in the drinking water. 

Berkey Water Filter - RV Must Haves

We use our Berkey for all of our drinking water.

Where Do We Store Our Bathroom items?

Bathroom storage can be tricky. We use the cupboards above our bed to store towels and this door organizer to store our bathroom supplies on the back of our bathroom door.

Oh, and we were fortunate enough to have a large medicine cabinet and 2 shelves in our bathroom to help with storage space. 

Lifestyle RV Stuff - Bathroom Organization_

I want more RV Organization tips!!

How Do We Earn Money?

Tony works for a great company doing the 9-5 gig while I (Jill) started this travel blog and have taught English online to children in China. 

We also have a great list of 25 ways to earn money while traveling that you can check out here. 

If you want to learn how to start a travel blog to make money, feel free to reach out to us and ask away. Or, read this post that will help you get started. 

Conclusion: Living In a Motorhome Full Time With Kids 

Now that you've taken a tour of our home on wheels, what else are you curious about?

Do you have dreams of selling it all and traveling full time? Or, are you hoping to take an extended trip across the country in an RV?

Maybe you just want to plan a family vacation and are looking for encouragement to make a leap and travel more with your kids. Either way, do not let your doubts hold you back. Find a way to make traveling together and connecting as a family be a priority!

Read all about our first year of full time traveling with kids here

Leave a comment below and let me know what your family travel dreams are. 

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Living in a motorhome full time with kids

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