9 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Idaho

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Are you considering moving to Idaho? You’re not the only one. Our full time RV family of six decided that Idaho was the perfect place to settle down after 3 years of traveling all across the USA. After much consideration, we became some of the many people moving to Idaho.

So, why move to Idaho? Or why did we pick Idaho over all the other states in our country? That’s what I’m about to share with you. 

Our family started out living in Minnesota, which is located in the upper Midwest. The winters are long and cold, and it really got to us. 

Once we sold all of our belongings and hit the road full-time in our motorhome, we ventured out and ended up traveling to 35 states! 

We visited Acadia National Park all the way down to the Florida Keys with our kids. We RVed West to Utah, California, and even north to Washington state and Glacier National Park

Exciting Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Idaho
Greenbelt Biking and Hiking Trail in Boise, Idaho.

After several years of RVing the USA and then overseas for five months, we learned a lot about what we were looking for in a place to put down some roots.

Which is what we’ve done just recently in Idaho. 

After 2 years of living in Idaho in an apartment, our family just bought a house!!

Bought A House In Idaho

As a real estate agent in Boise, my husband Tony was able to help us find the perfect home for our family (pictured above by the way).

Now, in 2023, I (Jill) also became a licensed REALTOR® in Idaho. Tony and I are a team, and we’re excited to help others who are looking to relocate to Boise, Idaho.

Jill Greising-Murschel

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a house in Boise Idaho, or nearby, contact Tony or me. We’d love to help you out, as we’ve been helping out so many families already!

Considering moving to Boise, Idaho or the Treasure Valley? Download this FREE 50-page Relocation Guide to Boise that will help answer many of your questions.

So, what was it about Idaho that made us want to buy a house and put down some roots here?

Let’s dive into 9 exciting reasons why you should consider moving to Idaho. 

Why Move To Idaho?

Moving to Boise Idaho is becoming more and more popular, especially for people coming from Pacific Coast states. The opportunity to live in a safer, cleaner, and more family-friendly state is what comes to mind first. Along with many more reasons. 

Safety and Low Crime Rate

Freak Alley Gallery Things To See In Boise
Freak Alley Gallery in downtown Boise, Idaho.

The crime rate in Idaho is one of the lowest in any state in the USA. Much less than the national average. 

New families who move to Idaho might be surprised to see children at a playground without adults. Or, they learn that their new friend doesn’t regularly lock his car door. He might just say ‘It’s Idaho, we don’t have to lock our cars’. I’m not saying you should do this, but be prepared to feel incredibly safe in Idaho.

9 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To Idaho

Affordable Cost of Living

Idaho’s cost of living is much more affordable than in certain states such as California or Washington. With an influx of people moving to Idaho, after realizing how amazing Idaho is, the housing prices have gone up, which has changed the overall cost of living rate here. However, Idaho’s taxes are much better than the national average, and many things, such as gas, food, and electricity, are below the national average for the cost of living. 

Amazing Outdoors

Nature Trail near Hulls Gulch
Hulls Gulch hike near Boise.

This gem state offers so many opportunities for the outdoor living family. From large mountains such as the Sawtooths just east of Boise, to deep lakes like Lake Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho. There are an incredible amount of ways to get outdoors and enjoy nature. 

Hiking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, or exploring the natural hot springs are just a few of the things Idaho has to offer. 

Legacy Park and Beach McCall Idaho
Legacy Park and Beach in downtown McCall, Idaho.

Idaho also provides some amazing skiing opportunities. Skiing near Boise Idaho at Bogus Basin Ski Area, just 40 minutes from downtown, can be so fun and convenient. Plan a 2-hour road trip to McCall, Idaho, and check out Brundage Ski Area in the winter months. Or, take a 2 1/2 hour road trip to ski at Sun Valley.

During the summer months, you’ll find many locals going rock climbing at Castle of Rocks, whitewater rafting on the Payette River, camping near Stanley in the Sawtooths, or just exploring some of the best hikes in Boise after work one day. 

Best Boise Hikes in Idaho
Downtown Boise, ID from Camel’s Back Hike.

Here’s a list of some other incredible outdoorsy things to do in Idaho:

  • Whitewater rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Skiing
  • Camping
  • RVing

Both Southern Idaho and Northern Idaho has their fair share of its natural beauty that will keep your going back in the area. Aside from its amazing landscape, natural resources are also booming.

Sunshine and Nice Weather

The climate in Idaho is almost ‘perfect’ in some areas, according to what many people are looking for. There are four very distinct seasons offering snow in the mountains during the winter months, while those who live in the valleys such as near Boise will experience mild winters with little to snow.

Spring and Fall are amazing and summers are so incredibly sunny. The sun shines in Boise almost as much as it does in Phoenix, AZ. 

So Many Families

Boulder Beach at Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho
Boulder Beach at Silverwood Theme Park in North Idaho.

The median age for residents in the Boise area is 35 years old. There are so many married couples with children, that you’ll find many opportunities to connect in the community that are welcoming of families. 

You’ll also discover so many modern playgrounds and parks for families to enjoy in most developed neighborhoods. We love going to Settler’s Park in Meridian for Movie In The Park with the kids during the summer months, where most Idaho residents would spend their hot days in.

Float The Boise River Things To Do In Boise with Kids in Idaho

If you’re looking to drink a local draft of beer, several Idaho breweries have games and outdoor spaces for kids to play while the parents have a cold one. 

Abundance of Natural Hot Springs

Natural Hot Springs With Kids
Rock Canyon Hot Springs, Idaho.

Idaho has over 130 soakable hot springs, the most out of any state in the nation. From natural springs that you can find off of a mountain trail or on the side of a river to hot springs resorts, there are so many Idaho hot springs to choose from.

Our family loves to explore and find Idaho hot springs near Boise so that we can make day trips to soak and enjoy nature. 

Friendly Community

The people here in Idaho are so incredibly kind and genuine. You will often find that Idaho drivers will wave you on in front of them if you’re stuck waiting to turn left on a residential street. Whenever this happens to me, about once every two weeks, I say out loud in my van ‘Idaho people are so kind!’. With a large smile on their faces, Idahoans will strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. 

Health Freedom – Liberty Minded People

Californians moving to Idaho with kids are often looking for health freedom. Meaning, they want to be able to make medical decisions they think are best for their own children and not be told they have to get certain shots to be able to attend public school or to have certain freedoms. Another way of saying it is that Californian parents moving to Idaho are often seeking out the liberty-minded way of life that Idaho has to offer. 

Moving from California to Idaho may surprise many families, as here in Idaho we have many more freedoms when it comes to education and medical choices for our kids. 

Active People

Harrison Hollow Who Now Loop
Harrison Hollow Hike With Friends in Idaho.

Whether you’re into walking, hiking, yoga, or rock climbing, you are bound to find others in Idaho who enjoy it as well. The amount of fit and active people you see walking around a local community is encouraging to see. People in Idaho love being active. 

Moving to Idaho Pros and Cons 

There are several pros and cons of living in Boise Idaho, or anywhere in the state really.


  • Idaho is low in crime
  • Some of the kindest people in the US live in Idaho
  • Endless outdoorsy opportunities in Idaho
  • Idaho experiences 4 seasons
  • Economy is thriving in Idaho
  • Idaho’s property tax rate is much lower than most states 
  • Being active is so easy to do in Idaho
  • The job market is generally increasing year over year.
  • Home to many of amazing high schools schools such as West Ada School District.


  • Public transportation is not easily accessible compared to other states
  • Idaho doesn’t have many luxury shops and resorts 
  • Idaho values the 2nd amendment – which isn’t much of a con as it is just some good information so that you’re aware 

Is Idaho A Good Place To Live?

Idaho is the gem of a state full of opportunity with a low crime rate, a booming economy, and an exciting outdoor adventure scene. 

If you’re looking to move to Boise or the Treasure Valley area, then reach out to Tony or I and we’ll help you find a place to call home. You see, we have built a reputation on providing the highest standard of integrity and delivering exceptional results.

Why Are People Moving to Idaho FAQ

Is Idaho a good place to move to?

Believe it or not, but it’s been featured in the local US news stating Idaho is included in the top 5 states to live in the country. It’s low cost of living, amazing landscapes and landscapes, and more are to be fond of in Idaho.

What is the main reason people move to Idaho?

Idaho has a diverse economy, covering multiple industries of agriculture, manufacturing, and more which keeps that state’s economy strong. Job growth is also said to be strong and has a lower unemployment rate than other states.

Is it cheap to live in Idaho?

Idaho’s cost of living is 6% lower than the US national average. In addition to that, housing is 12% lower and other basic necessities are 4% lower.

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