How We Became A Full Time RV Family

By Jill Greising-Murschel

Dec 29
Full Time RV Family

Being a full time RV family and traveling across the country in a 33-foot RV was never on our radar. Not even close. However, traveling as a family often, homeschooling our children, making fantastic memories together, and seeing more sunshine every day WAS definitely on our wish list. So, how did we become a full time RV family? 

Well, we came about it in a roundabout way.

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We Have Always Been A Bit Nomadic

You see, our family has always been a bit nomadic. If that is such a thing. Even with young children, we always seemed to have a bit of gypsy tendencies. 

We have never owned a house, because it seemed too permanent to us. Instead, we would rent a house and move every year or two trying to find our ‘place’ and what was best for our family.

What really pushed us to sell most of our belongings and purchase an RV to travel the country full time, was the season of winter. The cold dreary winters in Minnesota were bringing our mental and physical health into the not-so-good zone every year.  

Cold MN Winters - Bird in a hat

My husband and I would both put on extra weight, stop working out, stop smiling as much, feel a lack of motivation to get out of the house, and overall just feel like all we were doing was WAITING for our next vacation.

So, in February of 2017, we decided enough was enough. We needed to make some big changes in our lives.

How We Became A Full Time RV Family

Tony and I went through what seemed like a long process of decision-making before we came about purchasing and traveling full time in an RV. Honestly, it was not long at all. The process only took us 3 months and we were ready to begin our journey!!

Here is what our process looked like :  

How We Became A Full Time RV Family
  • First, we thought about moving into a new house in a different location. We looked at US cities with more sunshine, less days with freezing cold temperatures, and possible job opportunities for Tony. 
  • Next, we decided to visit our top 3 cities before making the move and began planning a long family road trip to Phoenix, Denver, and Austin. 
  • In the meantime, we decided we wanted to live like minimalists and began downsizing our 'stuff' very quickly!
  • sun-o
    Wait, if we sell everything we could travel around the United States until we found our new home-base without having to move said 'stuff'. 
Full Time RV Family
  • sun-o
    So, we began looking into the costs of vacation rentals, hotels, cabins etc. across our country and realized it could get pretty expensive.
  • sun-o
     What if we bought a 'house on wheels' and drove it around the USA to find our 'perfect' area to settle down? What if we bought a an RV
Family RV
  • Wait, if we are going to purchase an RV to travel, why not travel all around the United States and see all the fantastic places we have only ever dreamed about? 
  • Do other people do this or are we inventing the wheel here? I began searching online and found a large group of 'Fulltime Families' who are full time RV families that travel all around the country. There is even a Facebook Group

Full Time RV Family travel blogs that I recommend are: 
- Crazy Family Adventure - a family of 6 who have lived as a full time RV family for 2  years now. 

- Ditching Suburbia - a family of 4 who have traveled on the road together for over 5 years.  

What About Income?

  • What about income? This is often the number one question we get asked, how to make money while traveling? Check out our ultimate post with SO many great ideas here.  In our situation, Tony asked his employer in Minnesota if he could work remotely full time and they denied him. 
  • Searching for digital nomad jobs can take some time. I began searching and applied for a job with VIPKID teaching English online to children in China. 
  • sun-o
    We started a family travel blog and began to monetize it. Learn more here. 
  • Tony applied to many jobs online so we could be a digital nomad family.   He found a job with a great company is based out of Paris, France and every employee works remotely around the globe! Perfect! 
  • sun-o
    How do we get internet while we travel in an RV full time? RV Mobile Internet was a great website and resource for us when trying to decide on internet while traveling the USA. We found that we needed to budget a bit more than expected to get started with 2 cellular hotspots and many very helpful electronics to boost our signal in the RV. 
  • sun-o
    When would we make the big change? Well, our lease was up in May, so we had 2 1/2 months to begin selling everything and move out of our house to become a full time RV family. 
  • sun-o
    RV shopping online and in person took time, but it was exciting. We decided on a 33-foot class C motorhome RV for our family of 6. We found it to be the best family RV for us. It would give everyone a designated bed without having to convert a couch or table into a bed each night, yet it would be short enough to allow us to get into many state and national parks that only allow shorter RVs.
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    We sold 80% of our belongings and put 4 bins of keepsakes into my father-in-law's basement for storage. The rest fit into our RV or minivan. We sold most of our furniture and electronics on Craigslist and Facebook and then had a HUGE garage/yard sale to sell the rest. I made sure to advertise for the sale on Craigslist, Facebook, and using signs in our neighborhood. 
Selling everything and moving into an RV
  • Time to purchase the RV!! We bought the RV, signed the paperwork, and picked it up just 5 days before our lease was up on our house! 
  • On May 10th, we became a Full Time RV Family!

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Would We Do It All Over Again? 

Yes!! Absolutely! 

To be honest it takes a lot of dedication to make the big change. The work it took to organize, research, purchase, and sell things was overwhelming. However, we were determined to make a HUGE change in our family's lives in 3 months time.

If you choose to take a little more time to get through the steps necessary to begin living your lives as a full time RV family, then it may be a lot less stressful for you.

The memories we are making traveling as a full time RV family around the USA are priceless. Traveling together and spending more quality time together has always been our dream. 

Now, we are living it!

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How we became a Full Time RV Family

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